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Our AI platform provides energy retailers around the world a quick and easy way to leverage the power of their own data. At USIO we believe the next generation of energy suppliers will look and feel more like very efficient platforms where consumers can buy (and sell) energy to match their energy lifestyles. USIO is helping its clients with this transformation.

It's all about energy lifestyles

The core of USIO’s technology centres around learning about the energy lifestyles of individual customers. We learn from thousands and thousands of patterns to build an accurate real-time picture of the energy lifestyles of each and every one of your customers.

What we do for you

How it works

We've built our unique AI platform from the ground up using the latest advances in neural networks and deep learning. Neural networks learn new features on the fly and adapt to changes in a customer's usage without human intervention.

We forecast for your portfolio...

By learning from your customers' smart meter data our neural network technology is able to create a unique representation of each customer's consumption pattern. This includes learning about their weekly, monthly and seasonal usage patterns as well as their unique behaviour during holidays and other special events.

Over time USIO's AI learns each household's energy consumption patterns. This is how our neural network "sees" each consumer.

Neural networks can learn more complex patterns and dependencies than other techniques, and are at the core of recent advances in computer vision, language modelling and forecasting from large streams of data. modelling the individual

Below is an example of an individual customer's model that was able to detect a customer's holiday and adapt the forecast accordingly.

  • Customer's energy usage
  • USIO's forecast
Mon Tue Wed Customer on holiday

We know your industry

We bring together experienced utility executives, cutting-edge data scientists and software engineers with a proven track record of building scalable platforms.

  • Data Scientists
  • Energy Executives
  • Software Engineers

Get started in less than 6 weeks

USIO offers quick-to-launch pilot set-ups where we are able to analayse your smart meter data and start generating insights immediately.

  1. Agree use cases
  2. Connect to client’s smart meter data
  3. Train our AI models on your data
  4. Convert into commercial use cases

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